December 30, 2009

Christmas in Malls.

     One of the Panama's tourist attractions are the Shopping Centers or Malls, especially in holidays. The video contains photos of the five biggest malls in the country in celebration of these holidays of the end of the year.

December 22, 2009

"Cats" in Panama.

     During December 16th, to 20th, 2009, the musical “Cats” was playing, an Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Musical Production that has been presenting for twenty-one years in England, Broadway and in many cities all around the world. The event was organized by INAC (National Institute of Culture) and Showpro, which brought the entire theatrical company: Columbia Artists Theatricals.

     The stage is the Anayansi Theater at the Atlapa Convention Center. The scenery is exactly what is designed for the musical, a city dump where the tribe of Jellicle Cats meet. The sound and light effects was impressive. The wardrobe was very "cat-like" and the voices of the different actors were masterful, as well as their flexibility for dance moves. The main lesson of the play: "A cat is not a dog." No, I’m kidding. You have to see the musical to reach your own conclusions.
     I couldn’t take many pictures because it was forbidden. By the way, the cat down this post is my cat Kitti. It's beautiful, isn’t it?

December 14, 2009

Christmas Village - Multicentro Mall.

    This year, Multicentro decorated an area of the mall with a Christmas village. As you can see on the video, the village has the width of the spiral staircase and some pieces have movement as well as lights.

December 12, 2009

Christmas Bazaars 2009.

     This year there were two Christmas bazaars in Panama City. One at the Andrés Bello Park in “Corregimiento de Bella Vista”, and the other at the Belisario Porras Park, organized by Mayín Correa, Panama’s province governor.
     The Governorate Building opened its doors to all Panamanians to visit the interior of the building, which was the first Presidential House. It was decorated with Christmas ornaments, a Christmas tree in the middle of the lobby and a giant “Nacimiento” on the first floor.