January 29, 2010

Eco Fair 2010.

     From January 9 to January 10, 2010, the ECO Fair was held  in the “Salón Las Totumas” of the ATLAPA Convention Center.
     The event attracted my attention because it is the first time you see a fair of this kind in the country, where the audience becomes aware of the new ecological practices for environmental conservation. There were stands of several associations and institutions for environmental conservation, as well as manufacturers of recycled and biodegradable products. At the fair you could also find products that work with solar energy, “bio-friendly” appliances, bamboo and recycled materials furniture, electric cars, organic foods, among others.
     There were also  lectures and workshops about recycling of different materials and themes related to environmental conservation. There were also runways with environmental awareness. 
     This type of fair in our country are very importance in our times by the information generated, because our planet is currently undergoing  radical changes in climate and geological disasters as consecuense of the polluting action of the human being.

January 14, 2010

Birdwatching in Panama: IPAT's Ad.

     The following video is about birdwatching in Panama. In the video appears Rubén Blades, Panamanian singer and tourism minister in 2004-2009 period, and IPAT’s head (Panamanian Tourism Institute). In 2009, IPAT changed its name to ATP (Panama's Tourism Authority).
     Our country is internationally recognized as one of the countries with more bird-watching and bird-counting, which I can assert, because every morning I wake with birdsongs from my window (ooohhh!).
     Below, you can see some photos of two birds that I took from my balcony. I don’t know their breed because I am not a birds expert.
     I'm also pasting in this post a brochure about bird-watching in Panama with photographs of birds can be found in the wild.

January 05, 2010

New Year Dolls.

     A Panamanian tradition for the new year, besides a lunch or family dinner, are stuffed dolls of bomblets and other fireworks. These dolls are burned at midnight when we receive the new year and are exposed outside of houses and also in sidewalks next to streets, one or two weeks before the new year. The most common places to see them are along the Interamerican Highway, the Interior of the country.
     New Year dolls come to represent the Panamanian political figures, national and international celebrities who have excelled for his or her actions during the past year. What is fascinating about these dolls is the originality of its creators to make them look like of the person they represent.
     During my tour on the Interamerican Highway, I saw many dolls, who was most resembled was the Panama City’s Mayor, Bosco Ricardo Vallarino.


January 04, 2010

Christmas on Cinta Costera.

     There were 11 holiday villages along the entire Cinta Costera in Panama City. The "Christmas" subjects were harlequins, Santa Claus, candy village, gingerbread dolls, pirates, sea world, fairies, goblins, aliens, animals, among others.  Thanks God, there was a "Nacimiento".