September 19, 2009

Welcome to the Blog "Passport to Panama with Jack"

   I give you all a warm welcome to the blog "Passport to Panama with Jack".  This blog will run through Isthmus of Panama, a country full of riches and exhuberant culture, appearing in all its glory through photography and video.  Comments are meant to make you imagine you are with me through all possible places of the country, enjoying all the moment of the Panamanians' human warmth.
   "Passport to Panama with Jack" can be a guide for tourists who are visiting the country, inspiration for photography lovers, a world of dreams to hikers with challenges, a gateway to the country for foreing companies with the desire to settle here, and the eyes of those who want to see beyond the distance in search of new experiences and adventures.
   Give me your passport...grab your mouse...and prepare to discover a world you could never imagine, Panama.

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