February 02, 2010

CHANCE The Movie.

     On January 15th, it was released in Panama “Chance” the movie. “Chance” is the first movie written and directed by Abner Benaim, a Panamanian director, and shot entirely on Panama City’s locations.
     The film is about two maids who work in a wealthy family's house in Panama, who owed one and a half month of their salaries. In retaliation, the maids achieve to get their money in three days and radically change the lives of every family member.
     Amongst the international actor and actresses are: Francisco Gattorno (Fernando) Cuban actor, Isabella Santo Domingo (Gloria) Colombian actress and Aida Morales (Paquita) Colombian actress. The Panamanian actor and actresses are: Rosa Lorenzo (Toña), Juan David Valdes (Daniel, the boy) and the twins Maria Cristina and Maria Alejandra Palacios (Marité and Mariví).
     If the movie is listing on your movies showtimes, watch it. I recommend this film. You’re going to die from laughter! I applied the trailer to put English subtitles but it was impossible. I hope the producers will put subtitles or translate it so that it can reach the English-speaking market.


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