July 22, 2010

Amador's Causeway - Calzada de Amador.

     Amador’s Causeway or “Calzada de Amador” is located, exactly, in the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. It’s a path that connects Panama City with Naos, Perico and Flamenco Islands. This road was built with material from the extraction of soil from Culebra Cut, when building the Panama Canal. During the Spanish conquest, the islands were a favorite anchorage of Spanish galleons arriving in Panama City and loaded with treasures snatched from the Inca Empire. In 1913, the islands became part of Fort Grant. This fort was used to defend the Panama Canal entrance against possible attacks from Germany or Japan during the First World War.

     The Amador Causeway is now a tourist spot and perfect for walking, jogging, skating, biking and enjoying beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean: the ships awaiting permission for transit through the Panama Canal and the fabled Bridge of the Americas; whereas at the other side, you can see the smashing horizon and modern Panama City and its skyscrapers, as well as the Old Town of Panama City (Casco Antiguo).
     Throughout the entire roadway will find fast food restaurants, American franchising, Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Greek, International restaurants and, of course, Panamanian restaurants. There are also seafood restaurants, as well known in Panama for their freshness, quality and taste.
     Both the beginning and end of the road, you can find bars, nightclubs, discos, some with dance floors and music for all likes.
     Another attraction is the Smithsonian’s Marine Exhibition Center, a place to learn about the flora, fauna and see some exotic species of marine life both the Caribbean and the Pacific of Panama.
     Small shopping centers, marinas for yachts, hotels and a convention center, could not miss in this wonderful place of the country.
     In 2011, will be inaugurated the Museum of Biodiversity, designed by Frank Gehry, which will be one of the biggest attractions of the place. You can see more information on Categories-Megaprojects-Panama: Bridge of Life – Museum of Biodiversity.
     I made a video with my photos. I hope you enjoy it.

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