March 28, 2011


     The music video contains images of "Culecos" or "Mojaderas" which are held every morning of the 4 days of Panamanian Carnival. There are images of various Interior’s places inside the country during these days.
     The song is a "merengue" of Dominican Wilfrido Vargas and sung by him. The lyrics of the song were inspired by the "Culecos" of the Panama's Carnival's, where people gather in the town's central park to be doused with water by tanker trucks parked at the edge of the street. People shout: "Agua", "Agua" (Water!, Water!) while the man which has the hose is dousing water to all the people, while they jump and chant the "tonadas" (songs) of the “Tuna” (group of people and musicians who accompany and support their queen, either Calle Arriba-Up Street or Calle Abajo-Down Street, during their performances). See:  Las Tablas Carnival 2010: “Culecos”.


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