January 05, 2010

New Year Dolls.

     A Panamanian tradition for the new year, besides a lunch or family dinner, are stuffed dolls of bomblets and other fireworks. These dolls are burned at midnight when we receive the new year and are exposed outside of houses and also in sidewalks next to streets, one or two weeks before the new year. The most common places to see them are along the Interamerican Highway, the Interior of the country.
     New Year dolls come to represent the Panamanian political figures, national and international celebrities who have excelled for his or her actions during the past year. What is fascinating about these dolls is the originality of its creators to make them look like of the person they represent.
     During my tour on the Interamerican Highway, I saw many dolls, who was most resembled was the Panama City’s Mayor, Bosco Ricardo Vallarino.


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