October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 09.

     Today, I join with the voice of thousands of bloggers who write about the same issue on the same day: climate change.
     Panama, perhaps, is not one of the major environmental pollutants that contribute to the greenhouse effect, but it’s a country that does not escape the consequences that is hindering the surface of our planet because of pollution from stack industries. The greenhouse effect causes energy emitted by the earth escapes to space, causing cooling in the area and the death of many animals.
     Climate Change ... reminds me of Science classes in school, models and slides from my classmates. But the climate is changing faster. Panama is a country that does not often have tornadoes or hurricanes as the Caribean Islands or Florida, or the center of United States. But between 2008 and 2009, we regularly had the presence of these atmospheric phenomena, causing damage in populated areas, where zinc sheets rooftops released by high winds and trees falling with their roots. You can imagine what could cause a larger phenomenon in Panama, a country knowen for its abundant plant and animal biodiversity, and a lush tropical rainforest, a haven for all these species.
     I hope tomorrow, when I will be old, can still contemplate the wonders that I'm enjoying at this time in my country. I wish to convey my message to ANAM (National Environment Authority) and the Foreign Affairs Ministry, who are going to the meeting that will have all world leaders to discuss climate change in December 2009, make their voices heard to those countries that pollute highest percentage in the world. Be watchdogs on project performance and pollution reduction agreements that are done by the countries.
     I urge everyone to cooperate with environmental practices so that our children will inherit and enjoy the natural beauty that offers our planet today.

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