October 30, 2009

Panama: Bridge of Life - Museum of Biodiversity.

     This is one of the most anticipated projects by Panamanians: The Museum of Biodiversity. It’s an architecture masterpiece, with a cost of $ 60 million, designed by the famous Frank Gehry, which will open in 2011. It will be located in a narrow land between the Panama Bay and the Panama Canal, known as the Amador’s Causeway. The site size is approximately 35,000 m2, from which close to 4,100 m2 will be occupied by the museum’s building, and the rest will be a landscaped park with trees and native aquatic plants of the country.

      The museum will be a journey to the past, where visitors relive the formation of the Isthmus of Panama, geologic event that separated the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Thus, as Frank Gehry, together with several collaborators from various scientific fields, professionals from different areas, and Panamanian academic institutions , have created a masterpiece on the natural and cultural diversity that has evolved in the Isthmus of Panama. In short: a fusion of science and art.

     The museum's mission is to provide an adventure of knowledge about the geological history and formation of the Isthmus of Panama three million years ago and the events that occurred in the global climate and sea to separate the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and land, the two continents together to form the bridge to the great American biotic exchange.
     The museum will feature eight galleries:
1. The Ramp of Life:  the origin, evolution and their classification.
2. Panamarama: ecosystems or  rich flora and fauna abodes visually presented through 14 screens.
3. The Isthmus’s formation: modeled sculpture of this unique geological event.
4. The encounter of Two Worlds: the animals’ migration from the North and South of the Americas after the formation of the land bridge that joined them.
5. Culture and Nature in the Isthmus: enclosure that collect human history in Panama and its interaction with the environment.
6. The Oceans Divided: two aquariums, one representing the Caribbean Sea and the other the Pacific Ocean products of the separation of the seas as the land barrier was erected between them.
7. The Interdependence Gallery: allegory and exhibitions whose contents express the interdependence of living organisms is an essential attribute for the preservation of life on the planet.
8. The Panama Gallery: exhibition will show visitors the location of our wealth: the seas and lands, ethnic groups, parks, recreation and entertainment places, museums, and other national offers.
     The responsible persons for the design of this magnificent museum are:

Architectural design by Frank Gehry.
      It is one of the world's most famous architects. He received the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the highest global recognition of architecture, and the National Medal of Arts.  Among his creations are the building of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, his most famous work, Vitra Design Museum in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany, the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, Minn., the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California.

Museum Exhibitions by Bruce Mau Designs.
     They specialize in graphic design and collaborated with some of the leading architects, artists, writers, curators, academics, investors, businesses and institutions in various projects that are recognized internationally for creating innovative designs.

Botanic Park Design by Edwina von Gal.
     She’s a landscape designer and has done several commercial and residential projects in various parts of the world. She has received merit awards from the AIA and the ASLA, and Quill & Trowel Award of the Garden Writers Association of America in 1998.

    The museum's offices are on Amador Causeway, known as "Cause Way", Duplex 147. The telephone numbers are: (507) 314-1395 - (507) 314-1396. Here you could see the scale model of the ambitious project and more detailed information. And look who visited the offices of the museum when they were visiting Panama:  Mr. and Mrs. Smith ... Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


     I leave you with a video that explains better what will be the Museum of Biodiversity, Panama and knowledge to the world.

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