October 14, 2009

Margarita Henríquez

     Margarita Henríquez was born on April 17th, 1991, in La Villa de Los Santos, Los Santos province.
     She began her singing career with her father, Juancín Henriquez, and his typical music group.
     She won many prizes in folk song competitions in categories such as “saloma”, religious chant, “tamborito”, in the “Premios Zarate 2005” (Zarate Awards 2005). In the same year, she won "Proyecto Estrella 20-30”, a youth singing contest organized by the “Club Activo 20-30” of Panama, a non-profit organization.
     She was honored by her people as "Señorita 10 de Noviembre" in 2005, a patriotic celebration held at La Villa de Los Santos. Then, she joined MEDCOM, a local television network where she was co-host on a show called "Aires de Mi Tierra".
     Her greatest achievement was winning Latin American Idol 2008, a singing contest celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thanks to her talent and the support of all the Panamanian people. Each of Margarita’s interpretation was assessed by the jury as very good. We remember Jon Secada’s famous frase: "Bien canta'o, Margarita" (Well sung, Margarita). According to a local newspaper, Margarita won by 75.3% of the votes sent via cell phone to her competitor, María José Castillo from Costa Rica.
     Now Margarita has her first CD titled "Margarita" and has ambitious plans in the music industry. Good luck, Margarita!!!

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