June 03, 2010

Aladdin The Musical.

     From April 8th to May 9th, 2010, Disney’s Aladdin The Musical was stage on “El Teatro en Círculo”. The costumes and props were among the details that most attention.
     The musical was live, and the songs performed by Panamanian artists, highlighting those who have participated in Mega Projects on TV like Rafael Moreno (Vive La Música, fourth season), as Aladdin and Anne Lorain Lanier (Latin American Idol, third season ), as Princess Jasmine. Of course, we have to highlight the work of other actors and dancers on stage, male and female choirs, as well as all the work behind the scenes.
     Andres Morales, belonging to the cast of the TV show "La Cáscara", was The Genie of the magic lamp . I think this was the ideal role for him, because he has the versatility to imitate people and personality like "The Genie".
     I am glad that we are growing Broadway-style musical here in Panama, with Panamanian artists, musicians and professionals.

Aladdin And Friends Disney Images

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