June 29, 2010

My name is Panama - IPAT's Tourism Commercial

     The video that I post was Panama’s first tourism commercial that I remember. It was created to promote the tourism for the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 1986, celebrated on July in Panama City.
     I remember at that time, the responsible authority for tourism in Panama was IPAT (Panamanian Tourism Institute), today, ATP (Panama’s Tourism Authority), and the government was under the dictatorship of General Manuel Antonio Noriega.
     "My name is Panama" or "Mi nombre es Panama" was the promotional slogan of tourism which is now a trademark that sells Panamanians items such as molas, woven on clothing; cartoons alluding to Panamanian folklore and culture, and printed on t-shirts in multiple colors; and national handicrafts http://www.mynameispanama.com/.

     Venezuelan contestant Barbara Palacios Teyde, in her response to the jury at the Miss Universe in 1986 said: "We must highlight the great work that Panamanians do when they have foreign people in their land, as in our case, we, the misses of this pageant. I think it should be emphasized at all times that they not only have beautiful lands, but the Panamanians are people, beautiful people, who always offer a lot of warmth. I think that is very precisely that slogan that says: My name is Panama!!!”

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